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iKonic Entertainment Group is an independent record label, distribution company and home to iKonic Management. The company was created by owner and chief operator John Joubert, a long time talent manager from Detroit, MI. John first created iKonic Management in 2016 and managed several music industry veterans. This eventually led to the culmination of iKonic Entertainment Group LLC in 2019. It was created to provide a platform for talent in the entertainment industry i.e., music, comedy and film. In 2020, iKonic entered into a partnership with Who?Mag Multimedia and secured a distribution deal with Orchard; a subsidiary of Sony music. Through this partnership, iKonic will provide a platform to distribute artists’ music of all genres. 

iKonic Entertainment Group is officially the home to legendary hip hop artist  Monie Love, hip hop group XrossRoads which is comprised of Grammy nominated producer Baby Paul and supreme lyricists Supa Emcee and Detroit native Losk Masta.




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XrossRoads is comprised of Grammy Nominated music producer, Baby Paul aka “BpZy” from Queens, NY and freestyle/battle rap master of ceremony, Supa Emcee from Detroit, Michigan.

Supa Emcee is an accomplished Detroit-based battle rap emcee from Highland Park, Michigan. Supa received critical acclaim for features in major film productions, having hit the silver screen in blockbuster 8 Mile and entertained audiences for UPN’s television shows “Moesha” and “The Parkers”. The esteemed artist has also opened for major label acts like Main Source, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, KRS-1, Eminem, D-12,Kool Keith and Rakim. Supa Emcee has released several original works and starred on internationally distributed compilations.

Baby Paul is a Grammy-nominated producer from Queens, NY who has worked with artists like: Nas, AZ, Fat Joe, Black Moon, Smif-N-Wessun and many others. He’s also a formal original member of the renowned production team out of Brooklyn, NY – “Da Beatminerz”.

XrossRoads debuted with their first release “I Swear” in October 2018, which pays homage to the late Proof, a talented member of famed music group D-12. Supa Emcee and rapper Ty Farris were signed to Proof’s Detroit record company, Iron Fist Records and collaborated on this track to honor their mentor’s legacy and lyrical teachings.

XrossRoads followed up with the mixtape project called “X E’m Out”, released in March 2019 which is composed of freestyles off of classic beats from Baby Paul’s career catalog along with a few original songs currently available on all digital streaming platforms.

XrossRoads next project “The Roads Less Traveled” was released June 2020, was a step up from their last release offering song material that is street-savvy yet has substance. Supa Emcee delivers powerful, insightful lyrics which are balanced out with BpZy’s edgy yet emotional compositions that varies from soul and jazz to electronic and alternative which paints a universal soundscape within a cohesive body of work. Their latest release was maxi-single “Hard 2 Dance” w/b “Time” which was released right before the 2020 November election as politically and emotionally charged music that is a reflection of today’s time.

XrossRoads is among the most credible hip-hop collaborations within the current music industry climate on a mission to push the envelope forward carrying on
tradition to represent and preserve the culture.

For bookings contact: Ikonic Management 313-459-5245  iKonic16@yahoo.com

For media inquiries contact: Maishah Hendrix at mhendrix@asanteworkspr.com

Monie Love



Grammy nominated Monie Love is an MC and radio personality. Born in England, Monie fell in love with the Hip Hop culture at the age of 14 becoming a breakdancer that eventually evolved into her Dj-ing and rapping. Her mastery of the English language propelled her to become a Lyrical MC. In the late 1980’s, Monie was signed to the London based record label –Chrysalis Records.

She achieved chart success with the hit, “Grandpas Party”. Monie quickly became a well-respected figure in British hip hop, and made an impact with American Hip Hop audiences as a protégé of female American emcee Queen Latifah, as well as through her membership in the late 1980s/early 1990s Native Tongues.

Love was one of the first BritHop artists to be signed and distributed worldwide by a major record label. Signed to Warner Brothers for the US and Canada, Love achieved acceptance among her U.S. peers and received Grammy nominations for “Monie in the Middle” (a high school set track dealing with a woman’s right to determine what she wants out of a relationship) and “It’s a Shame”  (which sampled The Spinners original “It’s a Shame” written by Stevie Wonder.

In 1991, Monie was featured on the remix of the late Whitney Houston’s R&B hit “My Name Is Not Susan” and appeared in the music video alongside Houston.



Monie’s 1992 single “Full Term Love” from the Class Act movie soundtrack reached #7 on the Hip Hop Singles chart. The following year, Prince asked her to write lyrics for songs on Carmen Electra’s debut album “Carmen Electra”. These days Monie can be heard on her Afternoon drive radio show 2-7pm weekdays on Atlanta’s Kiss 1041 FM.


For media inquiries contact: Maishah Hendrix at mhendrix@asanteworkspr.com

Losk Masta


“I’ve been able to string words together since I could talk” spoken words from emcee Losk Masta hailing from Metropolitan Detroit. Losk developed a passion for writing music at the age of 9. When he was 11 his dad gave him a tape recorder because he could overhear him freestyling and mumbling rhymes under his breath anytime he heard music. At that moment he became Losk Masta.

Losk released his first body of work, a mixtape called “Individuation” in 2013, and in 2015 he released “Neptune’s Alien 2”. He quickly became a force and developed a reputation of being a top emcee who could move a crowd however shortly afterward, life circumstances required his attention resulting in a hiatus from his music career. During this time he never stopped writing and that collection of songs turned into his release “Shalahleem” in the summer of 2020. Shalahleem was a term he created that means peace, love, and positivity. This body of work captured the essence of his prolific writing pen giving the listener thought-provoking bars filled with love, passion, and versatility.

Coming off of his last release Losk Masta ended the 2020 with a bang. Losk joined iKonic Entertainment Group which had recently partnered with WhoMag Distribution to secure a distribution deal with Orchard, a subsidiary of Sony music.

iKonic released Losk’s maxi-single “Factuals” produced by Jamel Da Don w/b “Make Ya Mind Up” ft Vic Smoke, December 2020. “Factuals” is a base driven, melodic, tempo flow where Losk commands the beat and delivers factual bars. “Make Ya Mind Up” is an energetic, fun, addictive track that’s guaranteed to make you get up and shake your body as Losk and Vic Smoke provide tag team bars. Looking ahead to 2021 and beyond, Losk Masta is already working on several projects with platinum and Grammy nominated producers and will be delivering several bodies of work for the upcoming year.

For bookings contact: Ikonic Management 313-459-5245  iKonic16@yahoo.com

For media inquiries contact: Maishah Hendrix at mhendrix@asanteworkspr.com